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Filippini Investment Advisory is a licensed Registered Investment Advisor and all investment advisory services are offered through this entity.

Our clients include individuals who are still employed, those who are entering retirement, and those who have already spent many years in retirement. As an individual enters retirement their income is derived from their nest egg, instead of their job. A planning approach may be the most important part of a successful retirement in today’s volatile world.

We educate our clients about the opportunities available to them with the proper planning of their assets.  Through our diverse companies we are uniquely able to offer many different types of investments.  We help clients recognize the proper use of after-tax accounts, IRAs, and other types of retirement plans.  It is important to understand all of the options available within an IRA, 401k, or 403b and provide clients the knowledge and ability to better accomplish their goals.

We take a custom approach to solving each client’s needs, whether it be growth, income, tax reduction, or a combination of these and other goals.

Please see the important disclosures below.

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