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Taxes are one of the major threats to wealth accumulation and preservation. However, it may seem difficult to find a tax planner with strategies that are understandable. We carefully listen to our client’s goals and educate them about the different options available using simple language.

Capital gains taxes and estate taxes are often the most costly liabilities to wealth. We use many different strategies (some may be considered an IRS “safe harbor”) to help minimize or eliminate capital gains, income, gift and estate taxes. Depending on how assets are held they may be subject to different types and even multiple types of taxes. We create customized long term strategies to help address these concerns.

An effective estate plan does not always mean control or cash flow must be sacrificed. Some plans may increase net after tax income. It takes a lifetime to accumulate wealth – we are here to help protect it for many generations to come. It’s not what you make. It’s what you keep after taxes!

Each plan is custom designed to fit our client’s long term goals and immediate needs. It is our commitment to educate them about their options.

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